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A detailed overview of the performance of NYSEBABA

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Knowing about the company

Alibaba Group is a well-known Chinese MNC that has specialized in the four major fields of e-commerce, technology, retail, and internet services. Set up in the year of 1999, by now the organization has set up deep roots within the domains of B2B, B2C, and C2C to add exorbitant amounts in the revenue. Some of the recent products launched by the organization include cloud computing, big data analytics, and digital entertainment and have been received quite well by the general public. With the current pandemic, the corporation has now shifted its focus to the digital solutions that aid in work from home setups and has thus been a key driving force for its NYSE: BABA at performance. This article speaks further on this.

The performance indicators

As per the market closing of yesterday i.e. 18 August 2020, the following have been the key performance indicators … Read the rest

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